hegemom (hegemom) wrote,

Dear Editor:

Our daughters deserve guidance and support should they face an unexpected pregnancy, and the majority of girls find it with their parents. According to one study (Henshaw & Kost, 1992), nearly two-thirds of teens in states without parental notification laws reported that they told at least one parent about their abortion. Of those who did not, almost a third said that they feared family violence. Many of the remainder who did not tell their parents were older teens or talked with other trusted adults. The legislature should continue to protect young women and stand up for the already strong parental notification law in WV. Making it harder to access choice puts teens who face violence at home at even more at risk.

Caitlin Howley

Henshaw, Stanley K. & Kathryn Kost. (1992). “Parental Involvement in Minors’ Abortion Decisions.” Family Planning Perspectives, 24(5), 196–207 & 213.

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